What integration options are available?
Multiple implementation options are available to help maximize your earning potential. The main ones are Text Links, Deep Links, Banners and Search Boxes. These are further enhanced by Co-branding and Private Branding (white-labeling) options. Data Feeds are also available (on request).

How do I setup my HotelsCombined affiliate links?
Once you sign up and log into your affiliate portal, you can start creating your own affiliate links, banners, search widgets or branding templates. In most cases, you only need to copy and paste the generated HTML code into your web page and you are ready to start promoting your affiliate links.

Can I change and update my HotelsCombined affiliate links?
Yes, you can make changes and update your affiliate links at any time. We recommend that you check with our affiliate support team before you start making changes, to ensure your affiliate links and widgets are correctly tracked with your Affiliate ID.

What if I want other options or want to customize my affiliate links?
You are welcome to modify the links, search boxes and private branding templates with the look and feel of your website. In fact, we have made it easier for you to customize your links via customization features in the affiliate portal. Our support and development team can also help to customize solutions for your site. Before you make any changes, please contact our affiliate support team to ensure all tracking is correct.

Where should I promote my HotelsCombined affiliate links?
You can place your affiliate links and search widgets on all relevant pages across your site to maximize your earning potential. For example – you can put your affiliate links on your home page, main menu/navigation bar, travel/accommodation section of your site. Once you sign up, you can check out the FAQs in the Help section for more ideas on how to promote your affiliate links.